augustus 23, 2017

Maxus live at the IP fall preview: Young Guns Vs Establishment

By Maxus Belgium 

Maxus Belgium

Maxus Belgium

Maxus Belgium was live at the screening TV of RTL Belgium

Pieter Berger, one of our senior video specialists, attended the event together with two of our younger rising stars. Let’s find out what they have to say about the new fall program grid.

“I really liked the presentation of the show ‘Steph fait le job’ because you get a closer look at some professions which are more difficult to execute. Apparently, a similar show exists in France which is quite popular. That’s because people like this kind of shows that are close to the viewers and produced locally.” said Pieter afterwards.

Young Gun and Video Executive Claudia Christensen quotes “RTL TV shows us that they like to be close to their viewers. Not only on television, but also offline with nice events for the fans.”

Kristine Janssen, one of our Digital Specialists, was really excited after the happening. She especially liked how you could always feel a strong link with the values of RTL during the presentation. “Even when the hosts presented a new part in the show, it got really personal and emotional. Exactly where RTL TV stands for.”

Thank you RTL TV for this lovely evening!