juli 20, 2017

Maxus is Looking for a Digital Specialist

By Sebastien Reps Digital Supervisor

Sebastien Reps

Sebastien Reps

Digital Supervisor

We're Hiring a Digital Specialist to Join Our Awesome Team!

Job Overview

The Digital Specialist is responsible for the digital campaign recommendation, campaign management and the coordination of all digital activities for his/her clients. The Digital Specialist will play an active role in the Maxus digital team and will have the opportunity to work on side projects. (S)he will act as a consultant with direct client contacts and will be involved in the broader media strategy. S(he) will make sure that Technology, Effectiveness and Data work together to deliver best in class services to clients.

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Key representative of Maxus for all Digital questions. Acts like a consultant
  • Manages the Digital campaigns and helps to grow the business
  • Delivers accurate information for all digital channels. Delivers accurate recommendations on performance in regards of different KPI’s (Reach, Frequency, Viewability, View Rate, CTR, CPC, CPA…)
  • Recommends and coordinates the following fields of expertise :
    • Search engine marketing (SEA / SEO)
    • Social marketing (Listening & Learning / Connecting / Inspiring)
    • Mobile marketing (API production, Mobile Ads)
    • E-mail marketing campaigns (CRM / Brokering)
    • Analytics (Data extraction / Understanding / Analysis)
  • Follows campaign results and KPI’s
  • Optimisation of programmatic activities in DSP’s
  • Represent Maxus and its clients to the market
  • Manage budgets by guarantee of best results
  • Follow process with creative agencies or community managers
  • Monitor and update clients (externally or internally) on the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Take part in client presentations, this means also preparing these presentations
  • Ensure a strong position on marketplaces and delivers day to day optimizations to reach perfect results
  • Active participant in new business efforts where applicable
  • Post buy report qualitative and quantitative
  • Driver of digital media in the company, (s)he wants to share his (her) experiences with his colleagues, being an ambassador of everything’s new on the market
  • Wants to be creative in his day to day job and in the solutions provided to his clients (internally or externally)
  • Quality assurance of tools (testing and pushing improvements)
  • Improves and stimulates internal communication and sharing of information within the teams
  • Active participant in searching new revenue drivers (new services, …) for his clients and motivate his team to up & cross sell our services
  • Provides leadership in developing and implementing (new) creative media solutions
  • Active stimulant in improving agency climate (positivism, professionalism and can-do mentality)


Job Skills & Requirements

  • Master or Bachelor level in marketing or communication or any business related studies
  • Experience in the new media industry (Display, Video, Social, Search, Analytics…)
  • You feel comfortable when you have client meetings and you’re ready to take part at any kind of presentation as a keynote speaker
  • Curious, motivated, team player
  • Familiar with “new” media metrics (clicks, conversions, data, impressions, retargeting, CTR, engagement metrics, viewing rates, etc.)
  • You can operate on real time bidding platforms (set ups and optimizations)
  • You don t like the “status quo” and you can bring or transmit creativity
  • Ease of use of analytic tools (such as Google Analytics)
  • You have natural interest in mobile marketing
  • HTML, Flash or web editors knowledge is a plus
  • You always try to find new solutions for your clients and you are a key player of the relation with the partners (Publishers and Platforms), creative agencies or community managers
  • You’re always alert at new opportunities offered by the market
  • You can estimate threats and opportunities
  • You’re curious and you want to stay up to date with the evolution of your industry
  • You re organized and you can multitask
  • A naturally positive attitude, focusing on the solution rather than the problem
  • Passionate about media and marketing
  • An interest in programmatic buying is a plus
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in French, English and Dutch
  • Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite

Interested? Send your CV to sebastien.reps@maxusglobal.com